NSL WEEK 284- Adobe Illustrator “Edit Tools Keyboard Shortcuts”

Customize Adobe Illustrator to work the way YOU want it to. This is your design tool so you should be comfortable when working with it.

Check out the video above to learn the basics of editing the keyboard shortcuts for your tools.  Continue reading


NSL WEEK 278- Adobe Illustrator “Spiral Tool”

This tool is a great tool that has been around for a really lont time. This tool I speak of is the Spiral Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Really easy to use, check out the video above to learn the basics. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 277- “Adobe MAX 2016 Speaker”

277 weeks ago I realised I didn’t “know it all” when it came to Adobe’s design applications. In fact, I realised that I was actually intimidated by the user interface. I made it my goal to become a “Leading Authority” in my feild and that was the start of “Never Stop Learning”… The problem was I lacked the cofidence Continue reading

NSL WEEK 275- Adobe Illustrator “DirectPrefs”

You want free tools to help you out with your vectors in Adobe Illustrator? Astute Graphics gotchu!

AG just release a free tool to help you access the power of the preferences. Check out the video above to see an overview. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 274- Adobe Photoshop “Freeform Pen Tool Basics”

There’s so much more to this tool but I wanted to take it one step at a time.

Here’s the basic functions for the Freeform Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 265- Adobe Illustrator “PathScribe Advanced Smart Remove Point”

This one is for my Vector Nerds aka the Anchor Point Alliance =D

I’m going to be using PathScribe which is a tool inside the VectorScribe plug-in by Astute Graphics to be used in Adobe Illustrator. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 247- Adobe Illustrator “Embedded Image Trace AG”

This time we’re working with an embedded image and Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Along with the help of Astute Graphics. Continue reading