NSL WEEK 250- Adobe Photoshop “Paint Bucket Tool Basics”

Paint Bucket Tool basics for Adobe Photoshop

Check out the video above to find out what all the buttons do. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 249- Adobe Illustrator “Convert To Shape: Rectangle”

Convert to Shape Live Effect in Adobe Illustrator

I wanted to show you guys how this effect works, so I figured I’d show you how I use it in practice. It’s a cool effect but if you see it in action, I’m hoping it’ll inspire you in your workflow. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 248- Adobe Photoshop “Gradient Tool Basics”

I’ve been playing with the Gradient Tool in Adobe Photoshop since day one!… I guess it’s time I learned what all the buttons do, right?

Here’s a video of me pushing all the buttons to show you what they do. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 247- Adobe Illustrator “Embedded Image Trace AG”

This time we’re working with an embedded image and Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Along with the help of Astute Graphics. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 246- Adobe Photoshop “Magic Eraser Tool”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t mess with these tools that much. Thanks to this Never Stop Learning project, I’m learning about them and brining them into my workflow.

This week I looked into the Magic Eraser Tool in Adobe Photoshop. Continue reading