NSL WEEK 254- Adobe Photoshop “Blur Tool”

Time to see how to use the Blur Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Check out the video above to see what all the buttons do. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 253- Adobe Illustrator “Convert To Shape Rounded Rectangle”

A couple weeks back (NSL 249) I showed a technical workflow for Convert To Shape.

This week I want to show a more common use for the Convert To Shape Live Effect and focus on the importance of the Appearance Panel.  Continue reading

NSL WEEK 252- Adobe Photoshop “Gradient Editor”

I’m following up on
NSL WEEK 248- Adobe Photoshop “Gradient Tool Basics”

I wanted to jump into the Gradient Editor in Adobe Photoshop to show you guys what the buttons do =) Continue reading

NSL WEEK 251- Adobe Illustrator “Quickly Transform Patterns: Move, Scale, Rotate, Shear and Reflect”

There’s a way to transform your patterns, on the fly, with a modifier, in Adobe Illustrator.

Ever want to move your pattern with a click and drag without moving the object? Check out the video to learn how. I was better able to show you than to write it all in words. Continue reading