Just 4 Fun: 04072013 Rocky Sketch w/ Astute Graphics Dynamic Sketch Tool AiCS6

My goal is to practice more often to get better at drawing. This was created using Adobe Illustrator CS6,  Dynamic Sketch Tool, Phantasm CS by Astute Graphics, and my Wacom Intuos4. WORKFLOW!!! =D

Adobe Illustrator Dynamic Sketch
Rocky Sketch 04-07-2013

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Just 4 Fun: 02102013 Adobe Photoshop- Text Effects

In a comment, someone said it would be nice to see a tutorial on a piece I created for NSL week 66 called “Gray”. On this post I’ll show you screen shots of my work and hopefully you’ll be able to try it out based off that.

Black and White Text layout

Text Layout

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Just 4 Fun: 01282013 Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features and Retouching

When I was working on NSL80, I ran out of time and didn’t get to retouch 1 of the pictures…. I found some time and here it is! JUST 4 FUN!!!

Adobe Photoshop
This is Freehand Profit, retouched =D

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Just 4 Fun: 12242012 Adobe Illustrator CS6- Variable Width and Custom Art Brushes

Today I’m having fun messing around with Adobe Illustrator CS6. I’m on a mission to get good at creating decorative design elements. During Never Stop Learning 73 I got my first taste and here’s a look at my second attempt:

Adobe Illustrator Astute Graphics
“Lion Flourish” Practicing making flourishes using custom Art Brushes with the new Variable Width Technology available in Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Just 4 Fun: 12102012 Adobe Photoshop CS6

For NSL week 68 I put together this composite for practice but I always wanted to color in the snakes. Now I did!

Medusa - Trickery

I wanted to keep that more cartoony. I like this blend of drawing and photo.

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Just 4 Fun: 12022012 Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6

Saw a really cool post, shared it on FB, my friend saw it and TOLD me to make her one =D sounded like fun so here’s a bit of Designer See, Designer Do:

Desktop Wallpaper- 3D letter B- by Sebastian Bleak

I had fun piling on the shadows and highlights along with some lighting and blur effects to try and give some space. I also wanted to keep in-mind it’s a Desktop Wallpaper. I wanted to leave room for her desktop icons.

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Just 4 Fun: 07082012 #Adobe #Photoshop #LightRoom #CS6

A friend had some pix she wasn’t 100% happy with so I thought this would be a good chance to practice some Adobe LightRoom 4.
I didn’t have the program for a while because my free trial ran out =D but now that Adobe added it to the Creative Cloud I’M BACK =D

Out of all the shots, I think I liked this one the best and it’s the one I did the least too =D The photographer and Thalia got a good one here.

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