N.S.L: WEEK 167 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Global Swatches”

Global  swatches! Good little workflow feature for your designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Global Swatches in Adobe Illustrator
Global Swatches

I ended up looking into these because I was showing a designer buddy of mine, how to use the color panel.

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N.S.L: WEEK 166 – Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 “Destructive/NonDestructive Crop Control”

Looking into the Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 this week. Wow! It does a lot more than I thought. In this post I’ll be focused on the ability to toggle between creating destructive crops or nondestructive crops.

Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
Controls for Crop Tool

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N.S.L: WEEK 165 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Appearance Panel Basics”

Back to basics! The Appearance Panel is the backbone of Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2014

Appearance Panel Basics

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N.S.L: WEEK 164 – Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 “Layers Stack: Arrange”

This time I’m focusing on the stack that is inside of the Layers Panel. As my files get more complicated, I find the need to navigate through this panel easier.

Targeting and arranging layers in the Layers Panel

When you’re working on these types of files, it speeds things up knowing the different ways to target and rearrange your Layers. Continue reading