NSL WEEK 306- Adobe Illustrator “Path Eraser Tool”

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know the Path Eraser tool existed in Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the video above to learn the basics. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 305- Adobe Photoshop “Bitmap Halftone Screen”

Whoa! Thanks Carlos Garro! He showed me how to create a Bitmap Halftone Screen in Adobe Photoshop.

I really like this workflow because I can ADD PIXELS =O Continue reading

NSL WEEK 304- Adobe Illustrator “Sphere 3D Ball”

I’m having fun today folks! I want to show 2 different ways to create a sphere in Adobe Illustrator.

I doubt this will change your workflow DRAMATICALLY but these are fun and I hope they make you look at these tools a lil differently. Besides, you might learn something! Check out the video above to see how to make some. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 303- Adobe Photoshop “Templates (PSDT)”

Man I slept on this on for sure! You can save templates in Adobe Photoshop so you never overwrite your original. Shout out to the homie Dave Clayton, he’s the first person I saw demo this hidden trick. Then I went to Lynda.com to watch Deke McClelland break it down.

Check out the video above to see how it works.  Continue reading