NSL WEEK 303- Adobe Photoshop “Templates (PSDT)”

Man I slept on this on for sure! You can save templates in Adobe Photoshop so you never overwrite your original. Shout out to the homie Dave Clayton, he’s the first person I saw demo this hidden trick. Then I went to Lynda.com to watch Deke McClelland break it down.

Check out the video above to see how it works. 


To convert your Photoshop document to a Template, go to File, choose Save As and add a “t” at the end of “.psd” so that it now reads “.psdt”


Next time you open this document, it will be an Untitled/Unsaved document. That way if you close the file or try to save, you will be prompted to save it with a new name keeping the original in tact.


YouTube Channel:  www.youtube.com/sebastianbleak


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2 responses to “NSL WEEK 303- Adobe Photoshop “Templates (PSDT)”

    • Weird thing is, when they first rolled it out, you were able to “File, Save As” and choose the .psdt format. Now you kinda have to hack the system =D and on a PC it’s more involved…. Just give us the goods Adobe! =D

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