NSL WEEK 258- Adobe Photoshop “Smudge Tool”

Wow! I kinda forgot about the Smudge Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Check out the video above to see how this tool works. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 256- Adobe Photoshop “Sharpen Tool”

Man! Why all the hate =D I don’t see this as an “unusable tool”. This week I studied up on the Sharpen Tool in Adobe Photoshop.

Half of the videos I found were kinda warning against the use of the Sharpen Tool but I think it’s cool for quick spot edits and people that are new to Photoshop. Check out the video above to learn what all the buttons do. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 255- Adobe Illustrator “Convert To Shape Ellipse”

I figured I should finish up the shapes and go with Convert to Shape Ellipse in Adobe Illustrator.

In the video above you’ll see a basic application of Live Effects to create a mock-up of an embroidered name badge. Continue reading