NSL WEEK 311- #AdobeGrind “Celebrating w/Subscribers”

To keep up with my nerdy adventures, make sure to check out #AdobeGrind all over the place.

This week was big for me Continue reading


NSL WEEK 310- Adobe Illustrator “3D Sphere Art Mapping”

Thank you Chana Messer for teaching me some cool workflow tips with 3D Art Mapping in Adobe Illustrator.

I think this is the longest video I’ve posted on this channel. Check out the video above to learn a different way to work with art mapping. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 309- Adobe Photoshop “Face-Aware Liquify”

I’m finally starting to play with this new toy called Face-Aware Liquify in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

It’s actually an awesome tool filled with Adobe Magic. Check out the video above to see my first look at this new feature. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 308- Adobe Illustrator “Dotted Stroke”

I thought I made a video for this already! I’m slipping. Do you know how to make a Dotted Stroke in Adobe Illustrator?

Check out the video above to learn another way to do it. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 307- Adobe Photoshop “Bitmap Methods”

More old school Bitmap stuff in Adobe Photoshop!!!

Check out the video above to see the different methods for Bitmaps.  Continue reading