N.S.L: WEEK 133 – Illustrator CC 17.1: “Custom Tools Panels” New Feature

Creative Cloud users!!! We got some new toys to play with =D

The release of Adobe Illustrator CC 17.1 brings in a list of exciting new Continue reading


#WacomWed wk.18 “Fox” in Adobe Illustrator CC

I liked the direction I was going with last week on my Pig illustration so I tried to keep it going with this guy

Fox with DynamicSketch from Astute Graphics

Still practicing using the keys on my Wacom tablet. Continue reading

#WacomWed wk.17 “Pig” in Adobe Illustrator CC

I’ve been doing the previous Wacom Wednesdays on my MacBook Pro. This is my first week trying out my new DELL workstation.

Dynamic Sketch by Astute Graphics
“Vector Pig Drawing”

It’s a hefty laptop, with a lot of power, but since this was my first run, it was slow going. I didn’t anticipate it would take so long to load Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 132 – Photoshop CC: “Auto Adjustments- Algorithms” Video

A couple weeks back, I checked out the Auto Adjustments for Levels. I didn’t get a chance to run through it with a video so I’m going back to give you a real quick demo =D

Since the Auto feature is a great starting point, I wanted to show you how to access some additional algorithms Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 131 – Illustrator CC: “Paste on All Artboards”

Great feature when working with Artboards in Adobe Illustrator CC

Quick way to get valuable assets across all the Artboards in your document. Continue reading

#WacomWed wk.16 “Koala” Adobe Illustrator CC DynamicSketch by Astute Graphics

Shout out to the homie Mr. Brown! It was his birthday this month and I thought he’d appreciate a lil Koala homie to celebrate with =D

Wacom Intuos Pro with Dynamic Sketch Tool by Astute Graphics
“Koala Lineup” aka “KoalaTude” aka “How much you got on my eucalyptus?!?”

It might look weird putting a Koala Bear in a line-up Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 130 – Photoshop CC: “Blend Mode Shortcuts”

I’m a HUGE fan of keyboard shortcuts. I can’t get enough of them and I try to learn new ones each week. For this weeks Never Stop Learning, I thought I’d go over one of my favorite sets of shortcuts, BLEND MODES!

Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop CC
“Stratford Park” with blend modes and Gradient Fill/Adjustment Layers

When I first learned that there were shortcuts Continue reading