NSL WEEK 219- Adobe Illustrator “Reset Bounding Box”

Reset Bounding box in Adobe Illustrator is a feature that’s been around for a LONG time.

It’s not a feature you’re going to use everyday, but it’s good to know where to find it just in case. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 218- Adobe Photoshop “Smart Object Resolution Pt.2”

In Part 2, we’re going to focus on how they handle transformations for Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop.

Make sure to check out Part 1 Continue reading

NSL WEEK 217- Adobe Illustrator “Clipping Mask”

Please don’t go crazy with these! =D

There’s a lot of power in using Clipping Masks in Adobe Illustrator but I have seen some files that had WAY too many and for no reason. Check out the video above for the basics on how to crop an image. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 216- Adobe Photoshop “Smart Object Resolution Pt.1”

I’m always working with Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop but for my students, it takes some convincing. I hope this video illustrates some of the power in this feature.

For part 1 we’re looking at how Smart Objects can really save us even when we think the document is a “low-res file”.  Continue reading