N.S.L: WEEK 101 – Adobe Edge Animate CC: Animating and Keyframes


I Never Stop Learning, and this week was no different! =D The whole time I’m freaking out because this was my first time trying out some of these techniques.

Layout in Adobe Edge Animate CC

Animation layout

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N.S.L: WEEK 100 – Adobe Edge Animate 1.5: Triggers and Animation Workflow


I don’t know how many of these I will do. What I do know is that when Freehand Profit suggested I start a weekly project, I didn’t think I’d last a month. I thought he was crazy and I probably used some fowl language at his face =D

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Animation Layout
Layout for animation

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N.S.L: WEEK 55b – Adobe Edge Preview and Dreamweaver 6.1

Never Stop Learning Week 55a

Now that I had my animation ready, I wanted to upload it ASAP. This is

Adobe Edge Animation

This is a screen shot of the end of the timeline for this animation.

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N.S.L: WEEK 55 – Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Edge 6.1 Preview Web Animation


P40 Mustang done in Adobe Illustrator CS6

I spent some time building this guy in Adobe Illustrator. Now it’s ready to be brought to life in Adobe Edge 6.1

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N.S.L: WEEK 36 – Ps Smart Objects and Edge

SMART OBJECT WTF?!?! =D So now that I had a chance to play with them since N.S.L WK.16 I kinda can’t live without them now.  Mirage was wondering what all the fuss was about and I figured I should learn how to use them correctly since I use them so much… 2hrs of Deke’s “The Power of Smart Objects” and my head was stuffed! I’m sure I forgot other shixx cuz that was a bunch of info =D

Every 3months, I decide my website needs a facelift. I’m getting a jump on it and I used what I learned about Smart Objects to create this header:

I brought in Rocky & the pattern from Illustrator as Smart Objects. I created new Smart Objects in Photoshop for grouping and color adjustments.

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