N.S.L: WEEK 55b – Adobe Edge Preview and Dreamweaver 6.1

Never Stop Learning Week 55a

Now that I had my animation ready, I wanted to upload it ASAP. This is

Adobe Edge Animation

This is a screen shot of the end of the timeline for this animation.

I wanted to call attention to the unique string of letters “MultiMediaEntertainmentProducer”. I used web fonts from Google. Not only does it look cool, but it should be searchable by search engines.

Adobe Edge Weg Animation

Start of Animation

Adobe Edge Web Animation

Middle of Animation


Adobe Edge Web Animation by Sebastian Bleak

I used symbols to animate the propeller and gunshots. Triggers were used to give the “loop” command.


Adobe Edge Animation by Sebastian Bleak

Here is were I was able to add my web fonts in this window. I also set the text to show up as Arial if you are not connected to the web when viewing.


Adobe Edge Web Animatino by Sebastian Bleak

Screen shot of the timeline for my animation


Once everything was set and timed out right, we brought it into Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. I put the entire animation in a “Wrapper” and centered the animation.

Sharon Sachse helped me though the Dreamweaver side of things. She’s a co-manager for DDLA which is where I first learned about Edge. Check out her website HERE


I’m not a web guy, just a designer. I’m really having a lot of fun playing around with Adobe Edge. It’ a trip playing around with such a young program. This was my 2nd time trying out Edge for web animation. Can’t wait to see what I do on the next one =D
If you’re not sure with Adobe Edge is and why its so exciting, check it out HERE


I got most of my info from Tv.Adobe.com:

Using Web Fonts in Edge
Adding Interactivity, Looping and CodeCreating and Using Symbols in Edge


Checkout my:


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