N.S.L: WEEK 55 – Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Edge 6.1 Preview Web Animation


P40 Mustang done in Adobe Illustrator CS6

I spent some time building this guy in Adobe Illustrator. Now it’s ready to be brought to life in Adobe Edge 6.1


I missed Adobe Illustrator a lil so I thought it would be cool to create something in Illustrator then animate it in Adobe Edge. I tried to keep it really basic and with as few shapes possible. Big focus on smooth lines.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 P40 Mustang Outline View

Adobe Illustrator CS6 P40 Mustang Outline View


P40 Mustang Illustration in Adobe Illustrator CS6 by Sebastian Bleak

This was in the middle of it. I still felt like it was missing something.

I was trying to use all of the tricks I’ve picked up doing these study’s. A year ago I would have done this only using the pen tool. Today I still used it along with pencil tool, shape builder, line segment and some primitive shapes.


Part of the reason I had to do a study on Edge was because my last one for 6.0 no longer works with Firefox 14. I figured it would be a good time to step my game up and give it another crack.

Now I get to break this up into a couple of pieces and bring it into Edge using some tricks that are new to Illustrator CS6

Screen shot of web animation layout

I wanted to lay it all out in Illustrator to get the sizing close to how I wanted it.


Layout of artboards for export in Illustrator CS6

Some new features like naming the artboards and gradient strokes came in handy her. I did it this way so I could try out the Export Artoboards feature. I used some actions and artboard presets to speed things up a bit.


I was able to get my idea for the animation out. CLICK HERE to see the video of it I posted on Tumblr. This weekend I’m meeting up with Sharon so she could teach me how to get this up on the web.
She’s a co-manager for DDLA which is where I first learned about Edge.


Checkout my:



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