N.S.L: WEEK 41 – #Adobe #Illustrator #CS5 Live Paint

Celtic Knot using Live Paint

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Just 4 Fun: 04242012

Last week for NSL wk. 40, I checked out the Shape Builder and some other tools for building shapes. Even though the project was finished, I gotta keep practicing and here’s what I did, Just 4 Fun:

Created using only the Shape Builder, Pencil, & Smooth tools

The background swirl was done with a single line, adjusted with the Width Tool, copy repeat rotate, dynamic Swirl effect, and a Gradient fill. The white highlights on the elephant were done in Photoshop CS6

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N.S.L: WEEK 40 – Ai Building Shapes

I was taught that the Pentool controlled the world!… It’s pretty awesome, but apparently it’s not the only way to work in Adobe Illustraor =D

Practice Building Shapes

This is what my artboard looked like when I finished practicing use of different tools in Adobe Illustrator CS5

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N.S.L: WEEK 39 – Ps Masks, Selections, and Channels

The focus this week was Masks in Photoshop CS6. Here’s an attempt at basic masking to create a Uni-Directional Motion Blur:

Bullet before and after

This was my way of showing the before and after of the technique. The bullet and the moon have basic masks applied to them.

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Photohop CS6 Practice “CompanyMan”

I like to take what I’ve been going over in my Never Stop Learning #adobegrind sessions and continue the training/experimentation at work as a Production Manager of a Custom T-Shirt Shop. I’ve recently been playing around a lot with 3D, Adobe decided to make some dope switch ups to the way we 3D in Photoshop CS6, and our Direct To Garment printer has a “Black Shirt Mode” that I LOVE messin with!!! =D it’s the business, so I’m killin MAD birds with 1 stone here. Trying to be a better designer, printer, get familiar with CS6, and learn necessary steps in setting up files for successful DTG prints. Keep in mind DTG printing is still real new to the game.

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