NSL WEEK 241- Adobe Illustrator “Color Swatch CC Libraries”

New feature for Adobe Illustrator in the Creative Cloud:

Check out the video above to see how it works. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 240- Adobe Photoshop “Distress with Masks”

I decided to share with you my workflow for adding a Distressed look to any layer in Adobe Photoshop.

This is a technique I developed while working as Production Manager at a custom t-shirt shop.  Continue reading

NSL WEEK 239- Adobe Illustrator “Convert to Artboards”

Man! I think I got too excited about this feature =D

Check out the video above to see how the “Convert to Artboards” feature works in Adobe Illustrator. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 238- Adobe Photoshop “Brush Tool Basics”

Back to basics! =D

I wanted to make sure I had some notes on how the Brush Tool works in Adobe Photoshop

Check out the video above to quickly go over the Brush Tool Basics. Continue reading