N.S.L: WEEK 127 – Illustrator CC: “Zooms and New Views”

Little by little, my Adobe Illustrator projects are getting progressively bigger. Sometimes it’s the actual size of the piece and others, it’s the details that make it big.

Adobe Illustrator CC Astute Graphics
Ornament in Mirrorme

The need for navigation in my work is growing Continue reading


#WacomWed wk.10 “Flourish” AiCC Astute Graphics Extend Path Tool

I’m usually in LA when I’m doing these but #WacomWED came early this week since I’m visiting one of my favorite places Herefordshire, UK…. Let’s switch it up a bit:

Extend Path Tool Astute Graphics

I needed to try out some new tools by Astute Graphics so Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 94 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Creative Background, WidthScribe

The way I approach what I study in my Never Stop Learning blog is to first think of “what is it that I don’t like about my design experience?” Early-on in my Adobe Illustrator career, my pieces suffered from LACK OF BACKGROUND =D Looking back I think it was SO hard for me to produce a Subject, that a background was an afterthought or NEVER thought of at all.

star graphic background

Star Background

For Never Stop Learning 92 I created a video Creative Background with a Single Stroke which inspired this post. This background was done with a single stroke but there was some preparation done beforehand. Continue reading