NSL WEEK 196- Adobe Photoshop CC “Create and Apply Custom LUTs”

This is an AWESOME feature. I can’t believe I didn’t play with it sooner.

Above we have a video that shows you how to create and apply custom color lookup tables in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014Continue reading


#WacomWed wk.29 “James T. Kirk” and “Joan Holloway” w/ DynamicSketch in Adobe Illustrator

Shout out to Freehand Profit!!! He said since I did Spock, I had to do James =D

Star Trek Captain Kirk Vector Illustration

“Captain James T. Kirk” by Sebastian Bleak

So I jumped on Hulu and re-watched some episodes from the beginning Continue reading

#WacomWed wk.17 “Pig” in Adobe Illustrator CC

I’ve been doing the previous Wacom Wednesdays on my MacBook Pro. This is my first week trying out my new DELL workstation.

Dynamic Sketch by Astute Graphics
“Vector Pig Drawing”

It’s a hefty laptop, with a lot of power, but since this was my first run, it was slow going. I didn’t anticipate it would take so long to load Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 115 – Adobe Photoshop CC: “CameraRAW Filter”

This is a feature that is probably going to get people using Adobe CameraRAW more =D

Adobe CameraRAW as a filter
Processed in CameraRAW

I run into so many people that have Photoshop but Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 113 – Adobe Photoshop CC: “Generator” New Feature 14.1

The big news this week!!! “Generator” for Adobe Photoshop 14.1. Everywhere I went, people were asking me what I thought of this new feature. I decided to check out a couple videos and give it a try today. Here’s my first run at it:


What is it and what does it do???

It’s more Adobe Magic =D The way I understand it is Continue reading

A Tribute to the Crew known as Wu: 3 New Sneaker Masks by Freehand Profit

Thanks to the homie Gary for letting me be a part of this AWESOME shoot. I’m the one rocking the Thunder 4s. It’s one of my favorite masks. Partly because I wore it in the shoot and I have the shoes but a big part of it is that I had to wear it for like 45min straight and it was the most comfortable Freehand Profit Mask I’ve ever worn. Props to my carnal for his great body of work and I wish you continued success #StayMuddyGetFly #AdobeGrind #WSLS



Wu Tang Clan tribute Sneaker Masks by Freehand Profit

Hip-Hop has always been about ‘the crew’. Whether it was Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation, the Rock Steady Crew breakin’ out of the Bronx or TATS CRU wreckin’ walls- ‘the crew’ is ever present. Being that my work aims to reflect Hip-Hop I started looking for ways to represent my crew (Fat Chance Crew) and also pay homage to one of Hip-Hop’s greatest crews, the Wu.

Wu-Tang has seen a well deserved resurgence over the past few years – the influx of watered down Hip-Pop over the airwaves has left Hip-Hop Heads craving that gritty, real Wu-Tang rap. Even Wu Wear has gotten a second life in the form of Wu-Tang Brand Limited. True fans will tell you they never went no where and that’s a fact- whether aligned or on solo missions our remaining 8 (RIP ODB) dangerous MCs have been releasing quality Hip-Hop since ’92. They have come to…

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