NSL WEEK 265- Adobe Illustrator “PathScribe Advanced Smart Remove Point”

This one is for my Vector Nerds aka the Anchor Point Alliance =D

I’m going to be using PathScribe which is a tool inside the VectorScribe plug-in by Astute Graphics to be used in Adobe Illustrator. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 247- Adobe Illustrator “Embedded Image Trace AG”

This time we’re working with an embedded image and Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Along with the help of Astute Graphics. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 225- Adobe Illustrator “My Vector Drawing, Stipple Workflow”

I figured I’d switch things up. Instead of just focusing on 1 tool,

Stipple Drawing

I’m going to run though several tools. You’ll see how I created this illustration above. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 201- Adobe Illustrator CC “Importance of Minimal Anchor Points”

You always hear “Try to use the least amount of anchor points as possible.” but you never hear why.

There’s many advantages to working with minimal anchor points. Check out the video above Continue reading

NSL WEEK 193- Adobe Illustrator CC “Blend Tool Options”

The Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator is probably the oldest Live Effect but a very POWERFUL tool.

There’s so many uses and workflows with this tool that I’m going to be returning to it several times in the future. This time I wanted to focus on the basic blend tool options Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 127 – Illustrator CC: “Zooms and New Views”

Little by little, my Adobe Illustrator projects are getting progressively bigger. Sometimes it’s the actual size of the piece and others, it’s the details that make it big.

Adobe Illustrator CC Astute Graphics
Ornament in Mirrorme

The need for navigation in my work is growing Continue reading

#WacomWed wk.10 “Flourish” AiCC Astute Graphics Extend Path Tool

I’m usually in LA when I’m doing these but #WacomWED came early this week since I’m visiting one of my favorite places Herefordshire, UK…. Let’s switch it up a bit:

Extend Path Tool Astute Graphics

I needed to try out some new tools by Astute Graphics so Continue reading