NSL WEEK 206- Adobe Photoshop CC “Polygonal Lasso Tool”

Woo! Trying to get back on track this week. Still focusing on some of the basics for Adobe Photoshop

Check out the video above to see how the Polygonal Lasso Tool works. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 205- Adobe Illustrator CC “Distribute Spacing”

Distribute Spacing is a feature for Adobe Illustrator

It is found in the Align panel. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 204- Adobe Photoshop CC “Perspective Crop Tool”

The Perspective Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop does 2 jobs at once.

It fixes or adds perspective and then crops Continue reading

NSL WEEK 203- Adobe Illustrator CC “Stretch Between Guides”

This is a feature you run into with you’re creating new Art Brushes in Adobe Illustrator.

In the video above, I’ll show you to quick examples of this feature saving the day =D Continue reading