October 12, 2015:

Sebastian Bleak is a Graphic Scientist, Training and Support Lead at Astute Graphics, makers of award winning, time saving plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. Although he specializes in Adobe Illustrator, his focus is on the Creative Cloud workflow for Graphic Designers.

Follow his weekly project “Never Stop Learning” where he study’s up on different Adobe tools and shares his findings with the design community. He has been at it for over 220 weeks and the majority of tools studied are in Photoshop and Illustrator.

#AdobeGrind #NSL



If you’re new to my blog, it’s kinda like if I didn’t know how to swim. Then I spent all week studying-up on swimming, watching it on TV, reading about it, talking to friends about it, going to meet-ups about it, etc. then on the last day, I jump in the pool and tell you all about my experience =D

I’m Sebastian Bleak, a Graphic Designer excited about mastering every program Adobe makes =D I gave myself the title of “Multi-Media Entertainment Producer” because I’m a Production Manager for the best custom T-Shirt shop in West Los Angles (hit me up if you want to step your game up),  band manager of a goth rock band called 13th Sky, promoter for a couple of LA based hip hop acts, and run with the sickest crew of artist the Fat Chance Crew.

I’m training daily to become a better designer. I’M TRYIN TO GO PRO!!! =D so the posts you see on here are going to show my lil journey so I can see my own growth. Maybe somebody will be so impressed by my skills, that they’re gonna wanna throw ALL KINDS  of money at me hahahahaha!!!… well, even if that doesn’t happen, this Adobe business is a lot of fun. I get to work with a bunch of cool people… but I’m finding, the cooler the person, the less I’m aloud to talk about it.


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  1. Sebastian, I met you at ING for one of the WebUser presentations. Thanks for sharing your site and your journey. You’ve inspired me to take some more chances with Illustrator. You’ve created some really fun projects. thanks again.
    Marty Bruinsma

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