NSL WEEK 202- Adobe Photoshop CC “Move Tool Basics”

It’s a trip, I’m always working with the Move Tool, but I kinda ignored it’s awesomeness or took it for granted.

There’s a couple modifiers that I use all the time Continue reading

NSL WEEK 201- Adobe Illustrator CC “Importance of Minimal Anchor Points”

You always hear “Try to use the least amount of anchor points as possible.” but you never hear why.

There’s many advantages to working with minimal anchor points. Check out the video above Continue reading

NSL WEEK 200- Adobe Photoshop CC “Lasso Tool Basics”

200 weeks of NSL!

Check out the video above. I’m going over the basics of the Lasso Tool. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 199- Adobe Illustrator CC “Outlined Text as a Brush”

What an artsy way to work with text in Adobe Illustrator?!?

The only downside is that it’s destructive. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 198- Adobe Photoshop CC “Layer Styles”

Layer Styles in Adobe Photoshop allow you to save off some settings for future use.

Think of when you want to apply a Bevel Emboss, Color Overlay, Drop Shadow, etc. Continue reading