N.S.L: WEEK 34 – Acrobat Pro X Portfolio

If you told me last year that Adobe Acrobat can do more than just show me PDF’s,,,, we woulda been fighting cuz I woulda thought you were lying to me =D  These past couple of months have been a huge eye opener for me. That’s what makes this “Never Stop Learning” exercise like a drug for me. I just keep learning all kinds of crazy shixx that I can do with my Adobe Suite that makes me a way better designer (still got a long way to go). The Adobe Suite is like Zelda. It’s just this long journey that never ends with all kinds of secrets hidden inside =D

Click to see portfolio


Above is the Cover Sheet/Link to my first crack at making a portfolio in Adobe Acrobat Pro X. It’s a WAY BETTER look than how I use to do it. I would ask people for their email so I could send them jpeg’s and tell them to just view it in preview… HOW EMBARRASSING!!! or I’d try and get “fancy” and make a giff that would fade from one image to the next and wonder why my gradients would look horrible… smh

I’m learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to make cool designs. Now I’m learning Acrobat Pro so I can make cool portfolios to show off my cool designs. Now I found out that I can custom make my own portfolio layouts in Ai and Flex… so now I gotta learn Flex TOO??? Man, I got a lot of work to do!!!! =D


Just in case you can’t open the portfolio, here’s a screen shot of it: