NSL WEEK 314- Adobe Illustrator “3D Ribbon and 3D Tennis Ball”

I’m having fun trying out different techniques with 3D in Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the video above to see me create a 3D Ribbon effect and a 3D Tennis Ball. Big thanks to Carlos Garro for showing me the way! Continue reading


NSL WEEK 304- Adobe Illustrator “Sphere 3D Ball”

I’m having fun today folks! I want to show 2 different ways to create a sphere in Adobe Illustrator.

I doubt this will change your workflow DRAMATICALLY but these are fun and I hope they make you look at these tools a lil differently. Besides, you might learn something! Check out the video above to see how to make some. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 296- Adobe Illustrator “Blend Tool w/ Gradient”

This week we’re playing with the Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator! This is an exercise to make you look at the tools differently.

Check out the video above to see how it’s done. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 273- Adobe Illustrator “Envelope Distort Objects”

Envelope Distort in Adobe Illustrator is more than just a way to edit your text.

Here’s some basic functions on a basic object. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 272- Adobe Photoshop “Pen Tool Selection”

When it comes to Adobe Photoshop, I’m still working my way down the tools panel.

The Pen Tool is a HUGE topic so I’m only going to focus on 1 task that it can help you with. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 258- Adobe Photoshop “Smudge Tool”

Wow! I kinda forgot about the Smudge Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Check out the video above to see how this tool works. Continue reading

NSL WEEK 255- Adobe Illustrator “Convert To Shape Ellipse”

I figured I should finish up the shapes and go with Convert to Shape Ellipse in Adobe Illustrator.

In the video above you’ll see a basic application of Live Effects to create a mock-up of an embroidered name badge. Continue reading