NSL WEEK 305- Adobe Photoshop “Bitmap Halftone Screen”

Whoa! Thanks Carlos Garro! He showed me how to create a Bitmap Halftone Screen in Adobe Photoshop.

I really like this workflow because I can ADD PIXELS =O


I’m going to need to switch into Grayscale Mode soon. Here I’m using some adjustments to create the look that I’m going for. Since this will be used as a Halftone, I wan to end up with a high contrast image.


We need to convert this to a Bitmap but we don’t have access to it because we’re coming from RGB Mode. Once we get rid of the color in this image (Grayscale Mode), then we can convert to a Bitmap.


When you convert your image to Grayscale, you might run into a couple of warnings. Go ahead and flatten the image.


Get rid of the color information!


Now that the color information is gone, you NOW have access to Bitmap Mode.


THIS is where you can add pixels! My current document is 72 pixels per inch. My Output value is the resolution for my new Halftone Screen.


The Halftone Screen options allow you to change the look of your halftone.


and this is what my Bitmap Halftone Screen looked like. Check out the video to see all the steps.


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