NSL WEEK 304- Adobe Illustrator “Sphere 3D Ball”

I’m having fun today folks! I want to show 2 different ways to create a sphere in Adobe Illustrator.

I doubt this will change your workflow DRAMATICALLY but these are fun and I hope they make you look at these tools a lil differently. Besides, you might learn something! Check out the video above to see how to make some.


John Harman was on my Twitch Channel a couple weeks back and showed me how he plays with blends. In this example I used a blend to create a light on a ball.

Above shows a large dark blue circle blended with a small light blue circle.


When I added more steps, the blend became smooth.


Michael Mondragon was on my Twitch Channel a couple times. On his first visit we talked about 3D in Adobe Illustrator. He showed me some cool tricks with lights.

This is a half circle, open path. Select the path, go to the Effect menu, 3D then choose Revolve.


You have SO MUCH CONTROL over your lights in here. I didn’t know you could add multiple lights and send them behind the object. That’s super cool!!!


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