NSL WEEK 329- Adobe Illustrator “New Features Ai2018”

Things changed up a bit in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. I brought up the Properties Panel first because it might be jarring to long time users of Ai. Then I jumped into History Counts and Zoom to Selection which are options in the Preferences. History Count was interesting to me and I soooo many people were begging for an option to turn off Zoom to Selection =D

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N.S.L: WEEK 121 – Adobe Photoshop CC: “Live Shapes-Corners”

We got LIVE VECTOR CORNERS in Adobe Photoshop CC!!! It’s crazy cuz we got them here before we got them in Adobe Illustrator. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come =D

Samsung S4 Mobil App Mock-up in Photoshop CC

Mobil App Mockup

I was able to round off Continue reading