NSL WEEK 227- Adobe Illustrator “Color Halftone Live Effect”

Color Halftone Live Effect in Adobe Illustrator was something I looked into a long time ago. I think it was Never Stop Learning week 3 or 4 and I’m now in week 227.

Check out the video above to see a basic overview of this Live Effect. Continue reading


NSL WEEK 220- Adobe Photoshop “Channel Hair Selection and Color Change”

How do you use channels to select hair in Adobe Photoshop?

That’s what one of my students asked me, we walked though it and above is the video with the answers. This is just a quick look to give you an idea on how to do it for your projects.  Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 179 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Live Paint Bucket Options”

“Live Paint Bucket doesn’t work on strokes. I’ve tried it.” I hear this a lot but it’s not true =D

They might have tried it, this is true, but you actually can paint your strokes using the Live Paint Bucket tool. Continue reading

N.S.L: WEEK 167 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Global Swatches”

Global  swatches! Good little workflow feature for your designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Global Swatches in Adobe Illustrator
Global Swatches

I ended up looking into these because I was showing a designer buddy of mine, how to use the color panel.

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N.S.L: WEEK 161 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014: “Recolor Artwork: Pantone Spot Colors”

The learning don’t stop! This isn’t even a new feature! I ran into this feature while talking to my previous boss from the t-shirt shop.

He was asking for a tool that would look at your existing process color artwork and then assign colors from the Pantone Solid Coated color book. I didn’t know how to do it at the time. I went back and told my current boss about it, he showed me it already exists in Adobe Illustrator, and that it’s been there for a long time.

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Just 4 Fun: 12102012 Adobe Photoshop CS6

For NSL week 68 I put together this composite for practice but I always wanted to color in the snakes. Now I did!

Medusa - Trickery

I wanted to keep that more cartoony. I like this blend of drawing and photo.

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