NSL WEEK 292- Adobe Illustrator “Compound Shapes”

Here’s a quick breakdown on Compound Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

Check out the video above to learn the basics.


If you like the video, please check out my Twitch Channel to see the “Behind the Scenes”.


Before this week, I thought Compound Shapes and Compound Paths were related but they only share the first name. A Compound Shape is multiple shapes combined to create 1 new shape and it is fully editable.


Adobe Illustrator

To make a Compound  Shape, hold down Option/Alt and click on the Pathfinder function.


Preview Mode: Shows similar appearance


Outline Mode: Shows the difference in the structure


Watch the learning session from earlier this week.

https://player.twitch.tv/?video=v122418984&autoplay=falseWatch live video from sbOTC on www.twitch.tv


YouTube Channel:  www.youtube.com/sebastianbleak


Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/sbOTC
Previous Broadcasts:  www.twitch.tv/sbotc/videos/all

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Checkout: SebastianBleak.Tumblr


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