NSL WEEK 290- Adobe Illustrator “Change Default Font Size”

This weeks video comes from the comments in my YouTube channel.

Thank you CT Scaper for asking:
“Here’s a question I’d love to find the answer to.  How do you change the default font size in Illustrator?”

Check out the video above to learn how it’s done!


Adobe Illustrator

As soon as I read this, I went into investigation mode. I’m glad I have nerdy homies that can help me out with this stuff.


Adobe Illustrator

Here’s the problem! I can see this getting annoying real fast.


Character Styles

You find Character Styles by going into the Window menu at the top of your screen, scroll down till you find the Type group and choose “Character Style” to bring up the Character Style Panel.


New Document Profiles

You have to find the correct folder for your New Document Profiles. Make sure you watch the video above to find it.


Check out the session where I learned all about this!
(Only available for a short time)

https://player.twitch.tv/?video=v118817312&autoplay=falseWatch live video from sbOTC on www.twitch.tv


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