NSL WEEK 287- Adobe Photoshop “Custom Shape Tool”

I’m not gonna lie, I’m overly excited about this tool. You want proof? I’m skipping several vector tools to get to the Custom Shape Tool in Adobe Photoshop =D

Check out the video above to see how it works.


Big shout out to CTSCAPER! I’m doing this video because you asked about my vector frame from week 285 and I like to keep the convo going. If you leave a comment, I read it. If you have a video request or a question, I’ll do my best to answer it. I won’t be able to doing it in every case, but today, I’m ready =)


Adobe Photoshop

The Custom Shape Tool is in the same stack as the Rectangle Tool. Hotkey= U


Adobe Photoshop

Custom Vector Shapes Libraries

The reason I’m so excited about his tool is that I get to show you a hidden vector library that you’ve had in your system for a long time. These vector shapes come in handy and you can use them in other applications.


Checkout: SebastianBleak.Tumblr


Twitter: @SebastianBleak #AdobeGrind #NSL


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