NSL WEEK 220- Adobe Photoshop “Channel Hair Selection and Color Change”

How do you use channels to select hair in Adobe Photoshop?

That’s what one of my students asked me, we walked though it and above is the video with the answers. This is just a quick look to give you an idea on how to do it for your projects. 


Adobe Photoshop Channels

Go into the Window menu to bring up your Channels panel. Channels, Selections and Masks are all related.


Adobe Photoshop Hair Selection

White represents the selection. Black pixels are being ignored by the selection. Grey will have a transparency value matching the luminance value.


Checkout: SebastianBleak.Tumblr


Twitter: @SebastianBleak #AdobeGrind #NSL  Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.


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