N.S.L: WEEK 181 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Guides: Keyboard Shortcuts and Modifiers”

You know you’re going to be using guides a lot as a Graphic Designer. Cool thing is, Adobe Illustrator has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts n’stuff to speed things up.

Above is a quick walk-through the basic keyboard shortcuts and modifiers in action.


Adobe Illustrator Guides
Guide functions in View menu

Many of the functions for Guides can be found in the “View” menu.


Guides Shortcuts I Use Most

COMM + ; = Show/Hide Guides
COMM + SHIFT + ; = Lock/Unlock Guides

More Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts


This was another NSL that I did out of a hotel room. I forgot to pack my headset so the audio suffered a bit for the video recording. I wonder if anybody will notice. Oh well, I still got it in. Listening to it again, I can really tell that I was trying to be careful not to wake-up my neighbors =D


Checkout: SebastianBleak.Tumblr


Twitter: @SebastianBleak #AdobeGrind #NSL  Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.


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