N.S.L: WEEK 177 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Show on Rectangle Creation”

Show on Rectangle Creation is a setting that works with your Live Shapes.

Now that rectangles and rounded rectangles are live and can be modified via the Transform Panel, it can be handy to have this panel, automatically activate, immediately after drawing a rectangle. Other times, it can get in the way. Check out the video above to see what I mean.


Adobe Illustrator

Show on Rectangle Creation is in the Transform Panel fly-out menu

To turn this feature on or off, you have to go into the fly-out menu of the Transform panel. If you see a check next to “Show on Rectangle Creation”, that mean it is turned-on and your panel will activate automatically when a rectangle is drawn. If you don’t see a check next to it, then you would have to manually bring up the Transform panel when needed.


Adobe Illustrator

Transform Panel is in the Window menu.

If you need to manually bring up the Transform panel, you can find it in the Window menu or hit Shift + F8 on your keyboard.


I first checked out Live Shapes for NSL155. Then after using it for a bit, I found it annoying that the Transform panel would constantly jump out at me. I want to hide all my panels until I need them. This gives me a lot more space on my screen to work with.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one. Ever since the feature was released to the public, I’ve had people complain about this feature or just wanted to know if we can simply turn it off or on when needed. This is what Never Stop Learning does for me. I thought that we were not able to turn it off when needed, I did some research, and found that we actually can. All I had to do was look it up.

I went for 2 weeks wondering about it, but not doing anything about it. Once I put my thoughts into action, it was a breeze. I’m sharing this quick story in hopes that it will encourage you to get up and look for stuff =D


Checkout: SebastianBleak.Tumblr


Twitter: @SebastianBleak #AdobeGrind #NSL  Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.


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