N.S.L: WEEK 173 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 “Area Type Autosizing”

I still wanted to look at new features for the Creative Cloud. This week I was looking at Area Type Autosizing.

In the past when you would create some area type, your frames would only come as Fixed Height Frames. That means you would have to manually adjust them. Now you have a setting that allows you to autosize the text frame to your selected text. This feature can be turned on permanently in the preferences or on-the-fly by double clicking the widget.


Text frames in Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
Area Text Overflow

If your text frame is smaller than needed for the text you’re working on, you see that little red symbol. That lets you know that “not all of  your text is showing” which means it’s time to resize your frame in order to see it all.


Preferences in Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud
New Feature: Auto Size New Area Type

You can leave this feature turned on by going into the Preferences and hitting that check box. I’m still new to this feature but I think I’m going to leave mine turned on. I’m hoping it will save on some clicks for me. Besides, I don’t work with a lot of area text frames in Illustrator. I guess I’ll just have to see.


Area Type Autosizing in AiCC 2014
Double click on widget to activate Auto Sizing Frame

When you hover over the widget, the cursor changes. When it looks like this, it is saying “If you double click on me, we’re switching to Auto Sizing mode.” The text frame will then automatically adjust to show all of your text if you shorten it or add to it.


Fixed Height Text Frame in AiCC
Double click to activate Fixed Height Frame

When it looks like this, it’s saying “If you double click on me, we’re going back to Fixed Frame mode.” The text frame will then have to be adjusted manually as you edit your text.


Autosize Frame at work
Auto adjust box to fit text

This is what it looks like when it’s turned on. You see we have a snug fit for the frame around all of our text. None of it is being hidden.


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