N.S.L: WEEK 168 – Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 “Marquee Tools Basics”

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been focusing on basics for Adobe Photoshop. Part of me wants to go through all of the tools in the Tools Panel. If that’s the plan, I’m already messing up because I’ve been looking into the Marquee Tools.

A HUGE part of working in Photoshop is creating selections.  The marquee tools are your “Go To” tools for creating basic selection. I’m referring to them as basic selection, mainly because of the shapes. You have the Rectangular, Elliptical, Single Row, and Single Column marquee tools.   Once you start trying different modes you’ll find you can create some complex selections with these basic tools.


Adobe Photoshop Marquee Selections
Modes for working with selections

With these tools, you have different modes. By default, each time you use a marquee tool, you are drawing out a new selection and discarding any existing selection.  You can also change modes so that you can add, subtract, or intersect your selection. The GREAT thing about these modes is that you can turn them on so they stay on for a long period of time or you can activate them with keyboard shortcuts.


You can change the style of your selection from a freeform drawing to a fixed size or ratio. Think about it like this, if you need to draw a rectangle or ellipse at a specific size, you can take care of that by changing the style. You’ll find some great options conveniently located in the Options bar.


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