N.S.L: WEEK 158 – Adobe Photoshop CC 2014: “Gradient Updates”

Little bits! But good bits =D

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

Gradient Updates in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

There were 3 little updates to the way we work with Gradients in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.

Check out the video below to see how they work:


Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

Gradient with a single color stop

Using a single color for a gradient is probably my favorite. The reason I like this update is because this is how gradients work in my brain. If I have a black gradient that fades to 0 opacity, I don’t want to have to set an end color. In my mind it should be to nothing. I understand why they worked they way they did but this feels more intuitive.


Adobe Photoshop Update

Creating a color stop from color information on the gradient bar

Creating a color stop using a color from the gradient is BIG! My guess is, this is a JDI (Just Do It) feature. If you have a color in your gradient that you would like to use as a stop, all you have to do is Alt/Option click and you’ll get it. In Adobe Illustrator, gradients already work like this and you don’t have to use a modifier.


Adobe Photoshop

Reset alignment for your gradient positions

Last is a simple one, but it speeds up your workflow. When applying a gradient as a layer style or effect, you can reset the position of your gradient with a click of a button. When you’re making edits to your gradient, sometimes you need to move it around to find a good fit. If you’ve gone to far and you want to start over, just hit the reset button and your good to go.


These are tiny updates that a lot of people are going to sleep on. For me they are important because they focus on speeding up my workflow. That’s what these tools are for! I want to get my work done fast and properly. I feel like the Adobe Photoshop team has been listening to their users and responded with these 3 small but powerful updates.


I got most of my info from Lynda.com

Photoshop: 2014 Creative Cloud Updates


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