#WacomWed wk.28 “Rod Serling” and “Roger Sterling” w/ DynamicSketch in Adobe Illustrator

Last week I did The Twilight Zone logo. This week I’ve done a vector trace of Rod Serling

Rod Serling The Twilight Zone
“Rod Serling- The Twilight Zone” by Sebastian Bleak

I landed on drawing him because, again, I used to watch his show as a kid. The intro music is probably amongst the most recognizable tune ever written. I guess I’m doing my Sunday afternoon line up =D I did Elvira, now Rod Serlinng. Who’s next, Pippi Longstocking? Maybe!


I talked to my buddies about this before drawing him out and we all seemed to like when Rod would give a hubris filled introduction. I watched a couple seasons and laded on this screenshot you see above. It was from Season 5 Episode 4 titled “A Kind of Stopwatch”. The main character in this story, McNulty, was rather annoying. It looked like even Rod Serling couldn’t wait for McNulty to get what he deserved.


Kyle Haro created this Roger Sterling from Mad Men:

Roger Sterling from Mad Men
“Roger Sterling- Mad Men” by Kyle Haro

You can check out Kyle Haro’s portfolio here:



My intention with this project was just to pick up my pen and scribble it around on my tablet for an hour. Now I go in there and get lost for hours. It’s a good lost though =D


I used the Dynamic Sketch Tool by Astute Graphics

and my IntuosPro & Artpen from Wacom:


If you would like to know more about #WacomWED, make sure to check out the first post here:

Wacom Wednesday #1 “Wolf Sketch”



SebastianBleak- Youtube Tutorials
Never Stop Learning

#WacomWED #AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly
Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.


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