N.S.L: WEEK 136 – Photoshop CC 14.2: “Linked Smart Objects” New Feature

If you’re a Creative Cloud member, you’ll find we have a new option when working with Smart Objects. Now we can choose between Linking or Embedding Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2.

It’s a good way to work and if you’re familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you might already know how this works.


Creative Cloud new Feature
Creating a Linked Smart Object

To link a Smart Object, Just go to File > Place Linked then you find and select the file to convert into a Linked Smart Object. You can also Link a Smart Object by dragging and dropping your file into an open document while holding down the Alt/Option key.


In the past we were only able to Embed Smart Object. That meant that Photoshop would make an internal copy of the artwork and bake it into your file and wrap it in a container called a Smart Object. This is good because you would not harm your original artwork but you would definitely increase your file size by a noticeable amount.


Now that we have the ability to Link the Smart Objects, Photoshop is only referencing an existing file on your system. That’s a smaller jump in file size and if you have an asset that is used across several projects, you can up date them all at once if the files are linked. For example, if I’ve place my clients logo across all of their images and they decided to change their branding, I only have to update the Linked file containing the branding. After that Photoshop will ask if you would like to update your Smart Objects.


In my workflow, I’m going to use this to brand my projects and keep the file size down.


I got all my info from:

Photoshop Help

Photoshop Creative Cloud Updates



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If you look up #NSL136 you should be able to follow my week, all of the videos I studied for this one, and other Tweets related to this post. Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.


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