#WacomWed wk.8 “El Toro” Adobe Illustrator CC Dynamic Sketch Tool

Week 8 for #WacomWED I used my Wacom Intuos Pro along with my Dynamic Sketch Tool by Astute Graphics in Adobe Illustrator CC to create this Bull Illustration below:

Adobe Illustrator- Dynamic Sketch Tool- Wacom Intuos Pro
“El Toro”

I also got some help from WidthScribe by Astute Graphics for the outlines.


If you’ve been following the past weeks, you’ve seen the Rooster and El Venado. To continue the theme, this week I created “El Toro” that you see above. This is all because I have my family in Mexico and my Grand Father (RIP) in my mind a lot lately. These project help me feel closer to them. When I would visit them in Mexico, I’d see bulls like the one in this weeks project and they looked like a powerful intimidating ghost. That’s why I went with a cooler tones in the illustration. In real life they were light grey or brown but they seemed like sooo much more to me. I guess I’d feel grateful  when they would allow me near them. It was like they let me borrow their power for a bit =D


Adobe Illustrator CC- Dynamic Sketch tool

First I created my shapes by drawing all of the outlines with my Dynamic Sketch Tool.


Adobe Illustrator CC- WidthScribe by Astute Graphics
Varied Widths for expression

Once everything was laid out, I noticed I needed more dramatic strokes. WidthScribe by Astute Graphics made this part really easy. Once I saw how I wanted the lines to work, I just selected my shapes and I was able to vary the widths with a couple of clicks.


Adobe Illustrator CC- Coloring with Gradients
Gradients for shadows and highlights

Since I was on a “clean look” this week, I used Gradients to color in my shapes rather than sketchy strokes like I’ve been doing lately. I hung out with Lee Daniels this weekend and I guess the clean lines rubbed off on me =D


Wow!!! I’m really liking the surface on my new Intuos Pro. My hand glides across it better than my old Intuos4 and I feel like the reaction of the pen on the surface is a lot better too. The touch features feel natural to me since I’m used to using a track pad. This is just like a bigger more responsive track pad. If I could get a keyboard interface to light up on the tablet, I’m set for life! =D

Since the Dynamic Sketch tool gives me Pressure Sensitivity in Adobe Illustrator, it’s a match made in heaven. Intuos Pro and Dynamic Sketch, it just works!


Keep in mind, these projects are just for me to get my chops up and let the creative juices flow. I went to a big Animation Expo this weekend and I got to speak with over a hundred illustrators. I kept asking them “When was the last time you just sketched freely in Illustrator?” Most couldn’t even remember! I shared with them my #WacomWED project and described it like “When I was in high school, I used to LOVE just scribbling away at my paper when I should have been paying attention to the lessons. At the end of the class I’d have something kinda cool to share and it felt therapeutic. I’m trying to get back to that.” There was a look in their face of “I want to get back to that too” =D

Do yourself a favor, get back to that when you can. It’ll make your big projects better and more fun to produce!


If you would like to know more about #WacomWED, make sure to check out the first post here:

Wacom Wednesday #1 “Wolf Sketch”


I used the Dynamic Sketch Tool by Astute Graphics:



SebastianBleak- Youtube Tutorials
Never Stop Learning

#WacomWED #AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly
Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.


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