#WacomWed: 4 “Nosferatu” Adobe Illustrator CC Dynamic Sketch Tool

Wacom Wednesday in a whole new way! I got dirty with Illustrator =D

"Nosferatu" drawing with Intuos tablet by Wacom with Dynamic Sketch


“Nosferatu” done in Adobe Illustrator CC using the Dynamic Sketch Tool by Astute Graphics and my Intuos Design Tablet by Wacom


So I had a hectic day and didn’t get to start my project until about 23:00. I know a lot of designers doing weekly projects and I know a few of them would have just skipped it. I couldn’t do that because of the rest of the designers that actually follow through =D Plus for the students I tutor =D

I started at 23:00 and I usually just go for about an hour or so. This time I went on until about 2:30 the following day. I’m sure you’re wondering what took me so long but I was trying out a bunch of different techniques before running with it and I just don’t do this enough. Again, I learned a lot during this project.


Nosferatu- AiCC Astute Graphics Intuos Wacom

“Nosferatu” Outline Mode


So I learned how to get a better sketch feel by using one of the chalk brushes as I created my Illustration. Each week I feel my tablet, Grip Pen, and hand working together better. All I’m doing is setting aside an hour or so a week to “Play” with the tablet.

As you can see in the image above, I got real dirty with it =D The last couple of WacomWED’s have very few paths and anchor points. This time I kinda scribbled in my strokes, getting lost in it while listening to some music. I watched the movie before doing this so I wanted to get the color right because it’s so important to the film. This is a screen shot of my favorite part.

The file ended up being pretty big compared to the others. Nosferatu was 94mb and the “Witch” was just over 1mb =D


If you purchased a Wacom Tablet but you just have it sitting in the closet, PLEASE! Bust. It. OUT! I let mine just sit there for a long time before I got back into it. With this weekly project, I’m starting to have a lot of fun with my tablet. It is actually starting to feel like I’m just drawing away in my notebook from back in the day =D


If you would like to know more about #WacomWED, make sure to check out the first post here:

Wacom Wednesday #1 “Wolf Sketch”


I used the Dynamic Sketch Tool by Astute Graphics:



SebastianBleak- Youtube Tutorials
Never Stop Learning

#WacomWED #AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly
Images looked best on FireFox when this post was created.

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