#WacomWed: 1 “Wolf” Sketch w/ Blob Brush Adobe Illustrator CC

This is my first post for Wacom Wednesday!!!

Wolf Sketch Blob Brush Adobe Illustrator CC
“Wolf Sketch” Blob Brush- Adobe Illustrator CC

The sketch above was done in Adobe Illustrator CC using the Blob Brush and an Intuos 4. I found a picture of a Wolf on Google and then I placed it in my document as a template. All you see on there is the Blob and Eraser in a single color. I spent about 35 min on it during a tutoring session where I challenged my student to do the same. I’ve been telling my design buddies about it and they might be doing their own #WacomWED too.

 I’m pretty new to the Wacom workflow and I find that I enjoy using the tablet. I thought I’d have trouble using it but I’m getting use to it pretty fast.


So what is “#WacomWed”??? Well, I figured I’d try this out for a month and see how it goes. My drawing skills are almost nonexistent and I don’t use my Intuos that often because I just don’t know how to that well.

In comes the idea for #WacomWed!

It’s very simple. Every Wednesday I’m going to pullout my Wacom Tablet for 30-60min and just draw SOMETHING. Sometimes it might be a doodle, a sketch, or I might just write down the same word over-and-over again. I don’t plan on creating my next “Master Piece” here but I’m sure to build some skills. The point is just to get that GripPen in my hands and create something with it. I hope that after a couple of sessions, I will improve my drawing skills and familiarity with my Wacom.


Why just 1 month? Why just for 30-60min?

Well, I find that if I take baby steps, I can pretty much take on anything. I didn’t want to create a project that was going to be really hard to produce because then I might not even do it. We all have busy schedules but we want to get better. This is my solution… BTW, it was FUN TO DO!!! Just put on some tunes and zone out for a little bit. I found that it cleared my head and helped me tackle my next project.



SebastianBleak- Youtube Tutorials
Never Stop Learning

#AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly

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