N.S.L: WEEK 110 – Adobe Photoshop CC: “Polar Coordinates”

Really COOL Filter!!! I tried it out once before but I was just messing around with it. Now I feel like I have a better idea on how it works.

Adobe Photoshop Polar Coordinates

Adobe Photoshop CC: Polar Coordinates

The basics are that you can take an image that is a rectangle and turn it into a circular form. Apparently you can take round objects and make them rectangular. I’ve only tried out the first form.


Vector shapes in Adobe Photoshop
First I laid out some vector shapes


Circle Logo in Adobe Photoshop CC
Applied Polar Coordinates as a Smart Filter

I really like that you can apply this as a Smart Filter. I guess I was also SURPRISED =D It just makes it easier to edit if you need to. I found that I did need to make some adjustments so the Smart technology came in handy.


Smart Filter for Polar Coordinates in Adobe Photoshop CC
Since it is a Smart Filter, it is easy to make edits.

On this split ScreenShot, the top section is the PSB for the Smart Filter. When I hit save, the section below (the PSD) would update. I’ve also seen this filter applied to a photograph and it looks really cool. Maybe I’ll try that out next time =)


I got my info from Lynda.com:

Photoshop for Designers: Working with Illustrator

Photoshop CC Essential Training



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