N.S.L: WEEK 107 – Adobe Illustrator CC: “Multiple File Place” New Feature

Checking out the New Features in Adobe Illustrator CC (17) and I picked my favorite. I’ve been wanting the ability to Place Multiple Files in Ai for a LONG TIME now and they did it even better than I imagined!

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Herefordshire Postcard made with “Multiple File Place”

I know there are other features that

look “Cool” but you save so many clicks this way! I hated going back and forth to the File Menu > Place> Click>Click for each image I’d be placing. It always felt like you should just be able to select multiple files and place them all. That’s all I wanted it to do, place a stack of images in my Artboard and I’d move them around.


Adobe Illustrator New Feature

Adobe made it even better! They set up the “Multiple File Place” function to work like it does in InDesign.  You go to File Menu> Place> Select your files and now your cursor is loaded with all of your images!. YOU EVEN GET A PREVIEW =O

If you use your Right and Left arrow keys, you can cycle through the loaded image previews to find the right one. All you have to do is click once per image to place them, AT SIZE, in your file.


You also have the ability to place that at the size you need for your specific project. All you have to do, while your cursor is loaded, is click and drag to define the size of your image, BOOM your done!

Keep in mind that if you are placing Bitmap Images you have to keep resolution in mind. If you place it to large, it will pixelate.


If you end up loading your cursor with some files you do not want to Place, all you have to do is hit Escape when it is shown in the preview. It will then disappear and show you the next file in line.


Honestly, I think that I like it more because I worked at a Custom T-Shirt Shop. While working there, I was often asked to create some sort of composite or collage in Ai using my customers files. I would always scream to the heavens “WHY can’t I Place multiple files?!?!?” Thanks Adobe!!!


I got my info from:

What’s New in Adobe Illustrator CC

Illustrator Creative Cloud Updates



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