N.S.L: WEEK 105 – Adobe Illustrator CC: “Gears” Ai and VectorScribe DMALA Preso

WOW WHAT A WEEK!!! I was asked to give a quick presentation at the July meeting for Digital Media Artists LA. They asked that I show some quick ways to create Gears since the majority of the members work with Motion Graphics.

Vector Gears Adobe Illustrator

3 different Gears for demo


The Astute Graphics team helped me to put on a great presentation. Nick told me about a tutorial that Iaroslav Lazunov wrote for Astute Graphics. WOW!  I learned a lot. I already knew how to make a basic gear in Illustrator (1st example in the vid) but his tutorial took it to a whole other level. I studied HARD for this presentation. I created the video so that I would be able to listen to it on a loop. In addition to practicing/rehearsing, I listened to the video in loop from 10pm to 10am the night before the meeting. Everything went GREAT! The crowd what really cool and I got to meet and talk to a BUNCH of new people  =D


I went through so much info that it’s best you just watch the video below:

I’m gonna warn you, it’s me talkin real nerdy for over 15min. If you dig vector drawing, keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, then you’re good… Real Nerdy =D



There is a “Quick Tips” section in the middle of the video. I go over Artboards, how they work and some keyboard shortcuts. I’m telling you, I got TONS of info for this presentation. I really wanted to do a good job for the group. We had some pro’s in the seats =D


Adobe Illustrator Rotate Tool

Rotate Math

This is a trick that I saw Deke do a long time ago but I never really got it. Now that I do, I feel kinda dumb for not getting it =D I know I shouldn’t but I still do sometimes. That’s why I Never Stop Learning! In this situation I wanted my gear to have 10 teeth. The way I remember it is by thinking of it this way: 360 degrees in a circle divided by the amount of points you want. Then let Illustrator do the math for you.


Astute Graphics

Multi Handle Mode

This was towards the end of the presentation. This was the move that was supposed to BLOW THEIR MINDS! I got a good reaction from what I remember. It’s hard to gauge because of all the lights in my face. My friends said that the crowd was impressed =) CLICK HERE TO SEE MHM


Why so much prep? Keep in mind, I’m learning EVERYDAY! I see myself more as a student even though I started tutoring people =D Either way, this was only my 2nd presentation, I wanted to do it, and I wanted to do a great job at it. So, I did what I learned while working on these NSL’s which is Study, Try-it, repeat. You HAVE to do all 3!


Man! Funny parts from the night:

  1. S. Meza saying “You better teach me somthing!” or something like that =D I was super nervous and that helped chill me out. I kept laughing to myself about it all night #NoPressure =D

  2. I finished my planned material and wasn’t sure how long I had gone on for. I look around for Ko, one of the group managers, and I don’t see him ANYWHERE =D I freaked out a lil and decided to just keep on trucking. I moved on to demo ColliderScribe and WidthScribe since we were giving them out as prizes that night… I didn’t have EITHER one installed on that machine =O I ended up demoing SubScribe (FREE PLUGIN) and made a chill frog with rose tinted sunglasses =)

  3. When making the rose tinted sunglasses I said “I’m going to make it so the lenses are transparent, but not the frames. Metal is not transparent.” I made the opacity change… and I made the metal transparent =D Lucky for me some nice attendee gave me a hint and I figured it out with it getting too messy.

  4. I was supposed to be on for only 10min and I think I ended up doing like 20  OOOOPS!!!



#AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly
If you look up #NSL105 you should be able to follow my week, all of the videos I studied for this one, and other Tweets related to this post.


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