N.S.L: WEEK 103 – Adobe Illustrator CC: “Align Key Object”

I normally keep my alignment set to Artboard and that works fine but sometimes I need to align by selection and back to artboard.

Kiwis illustration in Adobe Illustrator CC

Align to Key Object with “The Curious Kiwis”

This ends up feeling like I’m wasting clicks after a while. I have a better workflow to save myself some clicks!!! Introduce the align to Key Object function to become more efficient.


Key object in Adobe Illustrator CC

Example of Key Object


The way I save on some clicks is, I always keep my Alignment set to Artboard. This is the function I use most. When I’m aligning multiple objects but do not want to align to Artboard, I can choose a Key Object by giving it an additional click. That additional click is what defines it. In the image above, the Key Object is the one with the thicker outline.


Check out the video here:


I got some of my info from Lynda.com:

Illustrator CC Essential Training



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If you look up #NSL103 you should be able to follow my week, all of the videos I studied for this one, and other Tweets related to this post.


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