N.S.L: WEEK 89 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Calligraphic Brush Settings

Wacom IntuosPro Grip Pen

Grip Pen

Whoa! This came out WAY cooler than I thought =D
This week I studied up on the Calligraphic Brush in Adobe Illustrator CS6****

Adobe Illustrator Paintbrush

Paintbrush Tool Options

First I needed to get my Paintbrush Tool Options together. Laura Coyle suggested the settings you see above. I played around with them myself and I liked her settings so I went with that. If you put the sliders all the way to the left, you’re going to end up with lines that follow your hand movements EXACTLY. Sounds like what you would want but that means it gets all your imperfections too. If you just slide them to the right a lil, Illustrator will clean up your lines a bit for you. The farther you move the sliders to the right, the more smoothing goes on and it is a lot less like what you intended to draw.

These settings are a lot like the pencil tool and blob brush settings. This is the first time it’s finally making sense to me. I wasn’t ever really clear on the sliders till now thanks to Laura.
Above is just a doodle to get myself familiar with the tool. I never really knew HOW to try out these brushes but this works great for me.


Adobe Illustrator Calligraphic Brush

1. New Calligraphic Brush and 2. Calligraphic Brush Options

This step has 2 parts. At this point you should create a NEW brush to use. It’s good practice so you don’t damage other brushes you have in your library. It’s also a good way to create a new set for your current project. If you have a couple already loaded in your swatch panel, you’ll be able to move along more efficiently. Make some adjustments in the Calligraphic Brush Panel to taste.

Now that I had a new brush, I just kept writing different phrases and my name repeatedly. Since we’re so use to writing our name with ink pens, I think it helps make a connection and get’s you more familiar with the Calligraphic Brush.


I got most of my info from:


Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced

Wacom pen tip feel in Adobe Illustrator



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