N.S.L: WEEK 83 – Adobe Illustrator CS6: Charts and Packaging New Feature

This week I went with old and new =D I tried out the Graph tool (old) and the Packaging Feature (new) for Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.2

Pie Charts
Charts and Packaging in Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.2

So according to the information I found, the Chart Tool (J) hasn’t been updated since Illustrator 6 and the Package feature is available  only to Creative Cloud Members for now. I thought it would be fun to do a project where I combine something really old with something really new =D


InfoGraphics- Pie Chart
Basic layout for my Pie Chart

After plugging in some numbers in the Data window, Illustrator generated these Pie Charts for me. They look pretty basic and you can generate some cool ones in Excel pretty easy. I wanted to try it out in here because these charts are still fills and strokes. That means you can change the appearance as much as you want.


3D InfoGraphics in Adobe illustrator
Adding 3D effect to my pie chart to make it stand out

One of the easiest ways to make my charts to pop is to pile on some cool effects. I only went with the 3D because I didn’t want to go overboard. I wanted to show you how easy it is to add effects.


Package- New Feature Adobe illustrator CS6 16.2
New feature in Adobe Illustrator “Package” 16.2

FINALLY WE HAVE PACKAGING!!! I’ve been wanting this for a long time. My infographics are fully editable and it has some cool fonts. With Packaging, I can send this off or store it and know that we can make any adjustments we want because this collects all the assets of the project for me, BOOM!


Illustrator Package New Feature
Package Report

Along with your project, you’ll find a Report in this package. It’s pretty much your inventory sheet for what is inside the package. Click on the image and look under the font section. It brought along both of the fonts that were used for this project! THAT’S SO AWESOME!!! Have you ever changed machines, pulled out a project from storage, and then find that you don’t have that font on your system? I have and it’s not fun trying to find what font you used if it isn’t a common one. It will also collect your embedded images, spot colors, and everything else you need.


I got most of my info from:

Illustrator CS4 Beyond the Basics
Illustrator CS6 New Features



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