Just 4 Fun: 02102013 Adobe Photoshop- Text Effects

In a comment, someone said it would be nice to see a tutorial on a piece I created for NSL week 66 called “Gray”. On this post I’ll show you screen shots of my work and hopefully you’ll be able to try it out based off that.

Black and White Text layout

Text Layout

First I laid out the two words. I chose Gotham font because it’s a well made classic font. I thought that would help me create something cool. When I was doing the layout for the text, I didn’t have a CLEAR vision of what I was going to make. I was just going off of an idea I saw in a video and tried to make my own take on it.

I pulled out the Text pallet so you can use the exact same setting I did.


Layer mask on text in Photoshop

Masking Text

Highlighted in yellow you can see I added an layer mask for parts of the letter. I came up with this by staring at it for a really long time =D I just started looking at what points can this “weave” within itself. I honestly started from left to right and got REAL lucky. You always hear designers talk about happy accidents and this was one.


Vector patter

Background Pattern

In Illustrator I used one of the blend options to create this basic line pattern. I used it as a Smart Object and brought it into my project.


Black and white text

Layer effects and boarders

I placed my vector object behind the text and dressed up the piece with the black and white boarder.



#AdobeGrind #StayMuddyGetFly #WSLS


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