N.S.L: WEEK 82 – Adobe Photoshop CS6: Pen Tool New Feature and 3D

Last week, the coolest trick I learned in Illustrator was added to Photoshop 13.1 for Creative Cloud Members. So I studied up on the Pen Tool and tried it out on some 3D

Pen Tool 3D of a Ray Gun
Fully rendered 3D “Ray-Gun” made in Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.1 with the Pen Tool.


Ray Gun, 3D, in Photoshop 13.1
3D Ray Gun created using the Pen Tool unrendered.


They added the ability to move your anchor point by holding down the spacebar while using the Pen tool. It’s great if you use this tool a lot and if you are already use to how it functions in Illustrator.

layers in photoshop
I pieced together an idea for a Ray Gun in Photoshop


I was still going off of a webinar I attended that was put together by Chana Messer and Stephen Burns. I like that in CS6 the vector tools behave more like the tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Pen Tool techniques for Photoshop
Using the Pen Tool to lay down some anchor points

I did have to do some “Shape Building” for these rings because I needed them to be IDENTICAL. I Pen Tooled them at first but any lil imperfection is magnified because our eye wants to see perfection when dealing with “manufactured” items.


Ray guns for Outer Space scene
Many views of the same subjects.

So, I’m not a 3D guy either but I’m REALLY finding it useful. I’m not great at guessing how light should fall on my subject so I let Photoshop do the work for me. I create this basic piece once and now I can rotate it and move it around ALL I WANT! I just set up the lights once and wherever I move it, my lights look great. You can argue that Photoshop doesn’t make perfect lighting but I promise you it’s way better than what a lot of us can come up with. If I create a scene like this for a client and they want the gun moved to show a different angle, no problem! Because I made it in 3D, I can make the change pretty fast. If I did this in 2D, I would need to recreate the entire gun. TIME IS MONEY and i’m broke as a joke =D


The Pen Tool = precision
It can be used to create clean vector masks but I thought I would show off with some 3D. When you’re working with 3D you REALLY need those clean lines that you get with vector paths. The way I see it, I keep practicing with my Pen Tool and I’ll keep getting better =D


I got most of my info from:


Photoshop CS6 New Features
Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Advanced



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If you look up #NSL82 you should be able to follow my week, all of the videos I studied for this one, and other Tweets related to this post.


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